Blynk CLI Documentation


This utility provide a way to manage your blynk server from Command-Line Interface (CLI).

This is a work in progress and fully experimental utility. You should not try to use it in production.


Docs are available on :

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Please, make sure your configuration respect the following pre-requisite:

  • Java 8
  • NodeJS >= 4.6.1
  • npm (or alike)


You can install Blynk CLI with NPM:

$ npm install -g blynk-cli


Show help

Once Blynk CLI installed, you can show help about existing commands by typing:

$ blynk-cli
# OR
$ blynk-cli help
# OR
$ blynk-cli --help

Install Blynk Server

Once Blynk CLI installed, you'll have to install Blynk server by running:

$ blynk-cli server install
[INFO] Downloading Blynk server v0.24.5
[INFO] Creating default configuration
[OK] Installation complete

Update Blynk Server

You can update Blynk Server to the latest version by running:

$ blynk-cli server update
[INFO] Update v0.24.6 available. Downloading...
[OK] Update complete
[OK] Backup done! You can find it in /home/booteille/.blynkcli/backup/auto-update/b1045268-2f32-4e24-85a3-fb740266d417

Start/Stop/Restart Server

$ blynk-cli server start

$ blynk-cli server status # Display status of Blynk server

$ blynk-cli server stop

$ blynk-cli server restart

Make a backup

You can backup your data folder by typing:

$ blynkcli backup create BACKUP
[OK] Backup done! You can find it in /home/booteille/.blynkcli/backup/BACKUP/cee3acd3-1190-4501-bfc1-ba10423c1a07

The backup generated is located in the folder you designed in your Blynk CLI configuration.

As you can see in this example, the generated backup is located under BACKUP/cee3acd3-1190-4501-bfc1-ba10423c1a07. Each backup have an Unique Identifier giving ablity to give the same name to different backups.

You can retrieve backup informations in the file backups.lock located in your Backups folder.

Here is what generated the backup we created before:

$ cat /home/booteille/.blynkcli/backup/backups.lock
    "name": "BACKUP",
    "uuid": "cee3acd3-1190-4501-bfc1-ba10423c1a07",
    "date": "Thu Jun 01 2017 15:46:50 GMT+0200 (CEST)",
    "server_version": "v0.24.6"

Restore from a backup

If you want to restore your data folder from a desired backup, you have to type:

$ blynkcli backup restore BACKUP
[OK] Restored from backup /home/booteille/.blynkcli/backup/BACKUP/cee3acd3-1190-4501-bfc1-ba10423c1a07

Now. Admit we have backups under the same name:

$ blynkcli backup restore BACKUP
[WARN] There are 2 backup found with corresponding names:
BACKUP/812de666-6d21-4f36-8877-cc1f775dab73 Thu Jun 01 2017 15:58:44 GMT+0200 (CEST)
BACKUP/cee3acd3-1190-4501-bfc1-ba10423c1a07 Thu Jun 01 2017 15:46:50 GMT+0200 (CEST)
[ERR]  Please, retry with one of these backups

Think about the backup you want to restore then type the full name (or at least first characters of uuid) to get your restoration:

$ blynkcli backup restore BACKUP/812
[OK] Restored from backup /home/booteille/.blynkcli/backup/BACKUP/812de666-6d21-4f36-8877-cc1f775dab73

You can also restore your backup from the uuid:

$ blynkcli backup restore /cee
[OK] Restored from backup /home/booteille/.blynkcli/backup/BACKUP/cee3acd3-1190-4501-bfc1-ba10423c1a07

Add an user

You can add a new user by typing:

$ blynkcli user add
? Email:
? Password:  [hidden]
? Confirm your password:  [hidden]
? Is super admin?  true
[OK] User added

Change user properties

You can change an user property by typing:

$ blynkcli user set energy 15000
[OK] Property energy set to 15000
[WARN] You must restart the server to apply the effect

Now we can check the new value:

$ blynkcli user get energy
energy: 15000

Clone Projects from one user to another

blynkcli user clone-projects
[OK] projects cloned from
[WARN] You must restart the server to apply the effect
[OK] Backup done! You can find it in /home/sephir/.blynkcli/backup/auto-cloneProfile/07221e9e-3f09-46dc-914a-

Change user password

blynkcli user password
? Password:  [hidden]
? Confirm your password:  [hidden]
[WARN] You must restart the server to apply the effect